Summer ministry with children and families is at warp-speed. Last week was a great week of Vacation Bible School in my local church, but this Enneagram 3 has hit the wall. I’m weary, and soul-tired. Not only was last week filled with Vacation Bible School, there were several meetings which stabbed my heart, and on the very day when our theme was ‘When life is sad, God is good,’ our wonderful family dog of 13 years passed away that morning. I grieve the loss of my faithful, morning quiet time partner. Our home is much too quiet. Did I mention that I’m weepy, too.

Yesterday, I packed the car to head to Athens, Georgia to serve as a delegate for my district at the 2019 North Georgia United Methodist Church Annual Conference. I’m not thinking my energy will improve with the anticipated contention which has been talked about for months.

It’s an election year. As a lay delegate, I will be voting for other lay persons who will represent me and my local church at the next General Conference, the law-making body of the United Methodist Church. My mailbox and inbox has been filled with people asking me to consider voting for them, laying out their qualifications, credentials, along with various expressions of their love and loyalty to our Savior lived out in service to the UMC Body of Christ. I read each one hoping to read, “I teach children’s Sunday school,” or “I serve every year at Vacation Bible School.”

I trust in a great God who chose the church as His representatives to a lost world. He sent His Son to die for it. He will indeed be present. We’ve prayed for Him to be there. We’ve asked Him to empower us to show His love to one another in word and in deed. As in the local church and life, there will be celebrations and disappointments.

Then next Sunday we’ll gather for Father’s Day at each local church. We are Sunday people. We’ll sing, we’ll teach, we’ll read our Bibles, and we’ll give. Children and their families will come to church earnestly seeking Jesus. Pray with us. Be informed. This week will not be easy, but just because it’s hard doesn’t mean His hand is not in it. And He is with us always.

“Better is the end of a thing than the beginning; and the patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.” Ecclesiastes 7:8