Faith Field Trips are an intentionally memorable faith-formation experience, developmentally appropriate for students who have completed kindergarten-3rd grade and 3rd grade-5th grade off-campus and during the summer. We typically share this experience with other churches and take kids outside where Jesus likely spent most of his youngest years.

There are many local opportunities for faith-formation experiences when we can engage in multiple conversations about God our Creator, Jesus our best friend and Savior, and the Holy Spirit our comforter, helper, and reminder. Details about our first summer of experiences can be found here. Faith Field Trips are typically $20 per student unless the time goes beyond 3pm, when it becomes $25 per student.  Scholarships are always available. Students brown-bag their own lunches and a stop at QuickTrip for vanilla ice cream cones on the way back is a must. K5-3rd graders go on Wednesdays, 3rd-5th graders go on Tuesdays.

Some of the results of our first year of Faith Field Trips are new and deeper friendships between students who only see one another at church; are offered as follow-up activities following VBS which are varied and many and soon after VBS; and connecting with families on a smaller, more-intimate level with special memories and Bible training.

These are the trips planned this summer for 3rd-5th graders…

  • Hiking at East Palisades after preparing and delivering lunches for MUST Ministry summer lunch program. Bible story: Jesus walked along the Sea of Galilee as He told others about the Kingdom of God.
  • Mystery Art Bus – weaving carpets, attending new Aladdin movie (because it is beautiful and filled with colors and fabrics). Bible story: Paul, Priscilla & Aquila were tent-makers who grew in their friendship and service to the Lord even when it was tough to do so.
  • Lake Winnie Amusement & Water Park. Think classic amusement park from the 1950s. Not very busy, small footprint of space, covered picnic tables for breaks and lunch.
  • Red Top Mountain Paddle Boarding – Murph Surf rentals and training. Bible story: Jesus walked on water.
  • Lagrange Bible Antiquities Center – there’s a bunch of stuff here relating to the Bible.
  • Ambassadors Leadership Day at Mrs. DeDe’s. Bible study and more at my home with plenty of chaperones and fun things to do in the neighborhood. This year’s theme: Spiritual Gifts & The Avengers.

Faith Field Trips planned this summer for completed K5-3rd graders…

  • Search & Rescue Dog training & farm in White, Georgia – Jesus wants us to be found.
  • Seven Springs Water Park – Jesus was there when the sun and water were created.
  • Red Top Mountain putt-putt golf and sand-castle making – parables.

One of my favorite parts of our Faith Field Trips is the opportunity to collaborate with other children’s ministry champions and spend time with parent chaperones. We laugh, we plan, we calendar, and we get to know each other on a more personal level. We share life and fabulous memories. AND when I ask my students to invite their friends, they get to meet and spend time with mine. Faith Field Trips are all about relationship-building making them win-wins for students, for chaperones, and for our local churches.

“I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my father I have made known to you.” John 15:15